Spring Semester 2010

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grandpa's Hands

He held me in his hands

The day that I was born

The very first grandchild

Come into the world that morn

His hands swept me into his arms

Holding me tight by his side

The hands rough from working

But heart devoid of pride

His hands wrapped in bandage

As he lay sleeping in a bed

Awoke from his needed nap

To talk with dad and I instead

His hands working in his garden

Responsibility he’d never shirk

Helping me to pick the berries

Showing me how to work

His hands always serving

Never thinking of himself

Sacrificing all he ever had

His own desires on the shelf

His hands brought to his face

I’d never heard him cough that way

And then he’d smile at us

“It’s just a cough” he’d say

His hands holding mine

As he lay sick and dying

I sat there just holding on

Prayed the doctors were lying

His hands guiding me gently

Helping me to understand

He knew his life was not his own

He put it in the Savior’s hands

And sometimes if I’m quiet

Let go of some of life’s demands

If I close my eyes and wait

I can still feel his hands

Thursday, October 29, 2009

FHE Brothers

Alright...so...I have had some requests (okay, let's just say it, Shauna asked) that I show some pics of my FHE brothers. Well, I have pics of four of them, the other two weren't able to come this week. But here they are! I love them all, they're all amazing, and I love them all! Oh, and the best thing ever, their apartment is ALWAYS clean...they wash their dishes immediately after use. :) Attractive quality, I must say. Oh, and they can all cook. The other day, Joe brought us a pie. :) Ya, that's right. They're pretty dang awesome.

This is Scott. 26, communications major, SO much fun, plays percussion and records albums for work. He's great!

Mikey...not sure how old he is, pretty sure he's the baby of the apartment though, and way funny. He's always just super nice. He's soooo smart too!

This is Joe. He's 26 or 27, always beats me in our races, and has "shiny pants" for karaoke nights. He's great, and we all love him.

This is Greg. He's 25, so funny. He's going to be a doctor, make the big bucks, and he's so cool. And not too bad looking...that was for Shauna :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still here!

Hey everybody! Rexburg is still treating me pretty good, though I am getting pretty homesick right now. I am just really excited to go home for Thanksgiving, for a whole week! Alright. Well, this first pic is some of my roomies and I at guitars unplugged, where we watched our FHE brother, Scott play his egg shaker...it was great! lol. He did percussion for one of the guitarists who was really awesome. We had a lot of fun, and then afterwards played sardines in the park with some of our other FHE brothers.

This is our trip to Saegan's house. We went over and had amazing brownies. He is in the culinary program, as well as business. So he made us amazing brownies, but also decorated our plates with chocolate syrup and whipped cream made into flower designs. It was awesome!

Us right after getting out of the car :)

Nici and I :) Aren't we just so cute?! lol

Saegan is also in a band with his bro and some of his roomies. This is his prize guitar. We talked about that and the mission stories...pretty typical up here ;)

Nici, Saegan, Shiloh, and Jody doing karaoke... except Jody wouldn't actually sing! So Nici and I belted it! lol

Another great FHE activity was karaoke and cookies at our FHE brother's house. I'll have to get some better pictures of them for you guys, they're AMAZING! I love them all! We had a lot of fun.

FHE sisters Jessica and Whitney and then Jody and I on the couch at FHE...it must have been hot in there...my face is all red! lol.
Well, this entry is kinda boring. Sorry about that, but I'll get some more pics and fun stuff to tell you all about. I'll get on that :) Alright...we're going to make roommate dinner for Sunday night! And I am so excited because...I made Jello! Because I miss Sunday Jello! I love you fam and friends! Later!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

College is AMAZING!

Hello all! I am having so much fun down here in Rexburg! School is fantastic! I love all my classes but one, and one of them, I like the teacher but not the subject matter (Education Technology). My favorite is definitely my Children's Literature class. I love reading the stories. My teacher is so awesome as well. Alright...but that's the boring part, and I know you're all waiting for the fun part. So let me tell you all about it!

My roommate Jordyn Hanley and I went up to the gardens on campus to take some pictures of flowers for Jordyn to draw for her art major. However...as you'll see, we soon got tired of just snapping pictures of flowers!

These ones are my favorite! They have all three of my fav colors...the warm ones :) Orange, yellow, and red :)
This one is another fav of mine :) Jordyn's too!
As I said before...you can only take pics of flowers for so long...

This was kinda a cool table...with lion legs!

Enjoying the willow trees...they were so pretty!

I guess you might be interested in some other friends I have down here. This is Youlee. He is so awesome! He joined the church about 5 months ago, and is so strong in the gospel! He bears his testimony all the time, and I enjoy listening to him explain his conversion story to my roommates one by one. He is always just so excited to have the gospel. A great example to all of us.

FHE was so much fun. Our group is awesome! We have two appartments of girls, and one of guys, but all our brothers are so much fun! We have Eric, Greg, Scott, Joe, Mikey, and Patrick. They're awesome, and always willing to help us when we need them. For our first activity we did something that was soooo amazing! It was Joe's idea, and he introduced us to the activity by telling us that there are many different kinds of panty hoes. Hmmm...

This is our family home evening group before we began our "FLOUR FIGHT!"
Filling up our nylons with flour so we can hit eachother with them :)
Snow in September! I guess that probably isn't super abnormal in Rexburg...
This is Joe, the mastermind behind this activity! Thanks Joe, it was awesome!
My two awesome roomies (I have 3 more) Heather and Nici.
This is Scott. 26 years old, communications major, and works in a studio recording and mixing music. It's really awesome actually. Well, he thought it would be funny to dump flour all over my head...
It started innocent...him holding me down while...someone, not sure who...dumped flour on me.
But soon, he was cheating! :) The person dumping flour on me is still anonymous...I can't see them!
Hope you're happy Scott!
Aww, I forgave him. We had a ton of fun. This guy has an awesome laugh and is always willing to share it. I love it!
Left to right: Roomie Jody, Roomie Nici, FHE Bro Greg, Roomie Heather
All of us after our flour fight! We are still finding flour in our apparment lol.
My roommates! What a fun time for you to meet them all! Jody, Jordyn, Nici, Shiloh, Heather, and Anna.
Shiloh, Nici, Heather. We all decided Nici looks like a vampire! Look at those red lips!
Heather, Nici and I decided to have some "after fight fun"

Alright guys! I love you all! Thanks for keeping up with my life! I am actually going to go study for my first test in Child Development! It's such an interesting class! I love it so much! I love you all, and I'll be back up in Spokane for the Winter!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, here it is folks! Rexburg, Idaho. 246 S 1st W Apt 106. My humble (and quiet) abode for the next three months! Sorry I am a little behind in my blogging...but I'm kind of busy lol. Mom and Dad drove me up here and we unloaded all of my stuff. Then they stocked my cupboards with groceries, which has been way nice, and took me up to see the temple. I have come to really enjoy Rexburg, though I really do miss being at home...After a great Priesthood blessing, they said their goodbyes (yes, my mother cried!). And then they were gone...and I was all alone. :( But that's okay :)

This may sound very dramatic, but all I have to start my life is 3 tote bins and...that's it. :( I left my life in a box in my attic.

This is Jordyn Hanley :) I love her! Friends in Spokane, roommates in Rexburg. And it's been a whole week, and we haven't killed eachother...yet.

Mom and I get the closet organized and the bedroom made all fancy. Sister Crossley, the mother to two of my old piano students, made me that gorgeous quilt that's coming up. I love it!!!!!!

Poor Dad had to drive all the way here and back. :) So we let him chill while we unloaded my stuff and stuck it in my closet. I also got to shower...ahh, showers :)

As I'm sure you all can tell, I am enjoying college a ton! I am going to try to keep this updated. I already have some pics that I am waiting to put on here, but right now, it's Friday night! And I am going to....oh wait, I still don't have a life. lol. Actually, tonight, a few of my roomies and I are headed over to a guy named Seagan's house. He is in the cullinary arts program, and brought us some french bread he made today. It was soooo tasty and he loved the praise so much that he's making us brownies tonight! I am so excited! They are going to be....THE BEST! I'll keep you all updated! Love you all (that are related to me. Guess I should be careful when I say that... ;)